Hipiotul din tufis

Cine a vazut Cast Away cu Tom Hanks, mana sus!
Noi l-am vazut pe viu. Statea la noi la hostel. Doar ca dupa ce il salvasera de pe insula nu se tunsese, nu se barbierise, nu se spalase si isi pastrase si aceleasi haine. John venise in Cambodgia cu sotia care era intr-o misiune cu Crucea Rosie si cumparase corzi pentru chitara plina de praf din spatele barului.

Era australian din tufis.
“So where are you from?”
“I’m from the bush.”

Locuia de treizeci de ani intr-o comunitate hippie, in padure, la vreo cinzeci de mile distanta de orice asezamant uman civilizat.
“Do you even have power over there?”
“Yeah, we do! We have solar pannels! We got them when the government started subsidizing alternative energy projects. You had to have half the money, the government would pay the rest. But we didn’t have any money. So we got a loan from the bank – back then you would only have to show up at the bank, ask for money and they would hand it to you – we bought twice the pannels we needed from a dealer, got him to install the ones we needed for free, then we sold the remaining ones back to him with no papers and paid back the bank.”
Ceva de genul.

Au democratie directa, dar se strang rareori, doar atunci cand apare cate o problema, sau cand ii vine cuiva vreo idee. De guvern ii doare la basca.
“We take it easy out there. We don’t even vote. And it’s compulsory in Australia. You get fined if you don’t vote. So they came one day wanting to fine us. We told them «We didn’t even know there were elections. We’re poor people, we live in the bush. We don’t even have a TV. What year is it?»

Mai multe nu am inteles, ca avea accent de australian din tufis. Doar ca ii place Tool.


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